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This was during the Doctor Who World Tour with their current stop in Sydney, Australia. Before ending the interview, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman were asked one more question: to provide three words to sum up Series 8. When I first watched this, Peter’s answer surprised me. But then, after watching the sixth episode, The Caretaker, I immediately thought back to this moment and his three words, and it made perfect sense.

Cropped from the video: Sydney Q&A Highlights w/ Peter Capaldi & Jenna Coleman - Doctor Who World Tour and courtesy of the YouTube channel Doctor Who.

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That grin! It’s scary, adorable, and hilarious! XD

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Doctor Who - The Caretaker Preview

Can’t wait to watch it!!

(Did he just mention River?)

"I’m the caretaker now, look, I’ve got a brush." XD And yes, he did mention River, as in River Song! :)

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Cuteness overload!!!

Images were taken in Cardiff Center during filming of the Doctor Who Series 8. Credit goes to these two Twitter accounts: Confidential and Ryan.

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"Fall." I absolutely love Twelve and Clara. (And I’m so ready for fall weather.)

Happy First Day of Autumn (September 23, 2014)!

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This totally made me jump in my seat! XD Love how Clara doesn’t notice right away!

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"Look at me…"

"Why is your face all coloured in?"

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I actually read that in his Scottish accent! XD