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A friend of mine, who’s a former Disney cast member at Disney World, had surprised me by sending this t-shirt in the mail.  She had an extra one and since she always thinks of me when she thinks of Frollo because of how much of a die-hard nutter I am she wanted me to have it.  I squeed like a happy dorky fangirl!  I didn’t think Disney even made a Frollo t-shirt.  I always had to design my own stuff if I wanted something Frollo-ish.  They just always swept him under the rug when it came to merchandise due to his lustful and wicked nature.  But nope, I guess not with this t-shirt.   This is quite rare apparently and so darn flippin’ awesome, she even left the tags on it! I took a pic of both sides of the HoND tag.  XD

I’m wearing it today as I escape up to Disneyland.  My job is stressing me hella big time so hiding away up to Disneyland sounded like a great idea.  It’ll be kind of cool anyway to check out the park while practically the entire world has descended upon San Diego for Comic Con.  Yikes, it’s partly why I really don’t miss going anymore, I had a great many years and memories from back in the day so it’s all good. ;)

So much smugness is displayed on this shirt, I love it! Thank you so much, Tracy!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

The pictures don’t do the shirt justice…ha! Justice! Get it? Looks much better in person! XD

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Disney Colors of the Rainbow (✿◠‿◠)

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The Great Leslie! Yes, that was a nod to The Great Race. ;) FYI: his son, Ronald, played Sherlock Holmes in a 1950’s television series.

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Esmeralda by SilverCatseyes

Yay! You found Kat’s art! Beautiful, isn’t it? :)

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Sleeping Beauty’s castle, 1955

Photographer of this photo: “Allow me to get you all in this shot including Daddy!” XD

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Richard Starkey
July 7th, 1940 -

Happy birthday to the one and only Ringo Starr - the drummer, the singer, the musician, the photographer, the actor, the activist, and, above all else, the spreader of peace and love. We love you, Ringo!

Peace and love, mate! Peace and love!

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Thinking of my sweet tabby kitty, Toby, who died on this date, July 6, in 2009. Love and miss him soooo much! :(

Thinking of my sweet tabby kitty, Toby, who died on this date, July 6, in 2009. Love and miss him soooo much! :(

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The Great Mouse Detective 

Happy 28th, GMD! :D

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From Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie’s teacher, Mr. Turkentine, explains about switching the usual Friday tests to Monday instead. It just never gets old! XD