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Whouffaldi is canon! Jenna was at a convention the other day, and said she was glad that fans noticed that she was staring at The Doctor when she said 'I love you'. Which means it was definitely deliberate.
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Really?! Thank you! That made my day or actually my shipper life! Yes, I think it is now canon! I read a lof of comments from Moffat and he told us, that the Doctor loves her. I am just afraid that one day when Jenna leaves (and the day will come) it will end in a dramatic way.

You know what would be nice? Not this “Rose Tyler I…” thing or the “Donna I wipe your mind” thing.

No! For Clara and 12 I want this:


My sister has said repeatedly the ending will probably rip our hearts out. We should bail now and save ourselves! XD

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Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in Doctor Who: Earth Conquest

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Thoughts on Flatline




The Doctor

·         Adam’s Family Thing references (Doctor crawling with his hand out of the path of the train, handing her objects, pointing where she should go). Hilarious.

·         I love the Doctor’s excitement over the discovery.

·         His little “happy dance”.

·         Edible pie, circular pie.

·         Doctor snarkyness: You’re making me dizzy.Fluorescent puddingbrain, Barely sentient local, Doctor OF LIES. Then calling him local knowledge…not learning his name.

·         2DIS. The TwoDis. Oh, the Doctor loves his puns. J

·         Love the wonky glasses. Very steampunk.

·         His speech at the end. Wow…angry and sexy all at the same time. I got some unwholesome thoughts from his demeanor. And just think? This is him when he’s only a bit angry. What would happen..if say…Clara was taken or injured or killed?


Whouffaldi Moments

·         Doctor telling Clara she can leave stuff in the TARDIS. He also says “we” have acres of room. Not I. That is telling.

·         Notice that the Doctor is a little jealous of Rigsy at first? Telling her to get rid of him “We’re better off without him” and saying sarcastically “oh he’s a bright one, hang on to him”. 

·         The Doctor calling Danny soldier boy and P.E. J

·         He is upset that she lied to him, not Danny. He actually compliments her on a lie she tells Danny.

·         Doctor/Clara banter/bickering throughout. I think I just picked the title because it makes me sound important. And the grin on Clara’s face when she’s needling him.

·         The Doctor serving as a mentor, calling her Doctor Oswald.

·         “Clara, you are stronger than you know.”

·         Did you notice they used 12’s music for Clara??


·         They are really Bonnie and Clyde in the TARDIS. I really don’t see this ending well for Clara.

·         The Doctor is only disturbed at the end because she seems jazzed. He actually compliments her skills during the adventure. If she had been troubled by it as well, I think he’d be fine.

·         Clara says she will lie to the group, give them hope. The Doctor says “so that is what I sound like?”  He doesn’t look happy about it. She is reflecting his own darkness back to him.

·         The Doctor has a deep well of self-hate surrounding the things he does.  It was the reason he hated The Architect in Time Heist, why he loathes The Dream Lord (his dark side). I think he relies on companions to remind him to be good, to bring him to the light.

The Boneless

·         So creepy. So very, very creepy. Especially the zombie shuffle. Eek.


Missy Speculation

·         My Clara. Hmm…she must be the woman in the shop who gave Clara the Doctor’s number.

·         If so…how did Missy get it…? Well, I think she might be a future regeneration of the Doctor. Maybe The Valeyard. She referred to him as “my boyfriend” in Deep Breath and referenced letting him keep the accent?  She also has a Scottish accent. Just a wild theory.


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One theory I have about Missy

Only because both Clara and the Doctor have mentioned it on occasion this season: She might be the woman in the shop, the one who gave Clara the Doctor’s phone number.

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I’ve made it a habit to analyse episodes this season, so I’m gonna continue with that, and here’s the Flatline review (spoiler: it was awesome. Seriously. So fricking creepy monster-wise and amazing regarding character development). Here goes:

  • Clara continues her lie about Danny being okay with her travelling in the TARDIS.
  • "I need you to help me find out what’s caused this" — Clara runs off on her own to see what’s going on. Didn’t there use to be a rule about ‘no running off’? Not for Clara. The Doctor trusts her to manage on her own.
  • Giving her his Doctor stuff without hesitation.
  • Clara pretending to be the Doctor and enjoying it immensely.
  • Same theory about tiny people.
  • "Try not to scare him off" — Clara, usually, wouldn’t. In fact, she’d probably be the only thing keeping people around when they meet the Doctor because he’s a bit hard to love. This time? Clara jumps immediately into Doctor mode, forgetting that Rigsy is a human who isn’t used to the space stuff. Instead of reassuring him, she focuses on the mystery and doesn’t even notice he’s running until the Doctor tells her. Very Doctor, not very Clara.
  • "Are you aliens?" — Immediate no. A pause before "well, he is." Interesting after the Caretaker and Clara’s "because… he’s an alien." She’s gotten used to this Doctor. She no longer sees him as this alien she can’t get a grasp on. She’s starting to understand why he acts the way he acts (see Mummy).
  • Clara awkwardly holding the hammer like “apparently they’re in the walls” made me laugh. A lot.
  • Clara taking Danny’s call while being in mortal danger. Literally anything else would have been a better idea in that moment. Ignore it and call him back! Controlfreak much? Needing to retain control of the situation by pretending she can juggle both the adventure and her boyfriend?
  • "Excellent lying, Doctor Oswald." — Need I say more? Clara lied and the Doctor finally found out. Danny can probably guess what’s going on too at this point. She’s losing control of her construct of lies.
  • "I am the one chance you’ve got of staying alive" — Cold. To the point. True. Again, very Doctor. Clara is the leader of this operation. At first she still takes direction from the Doctor, but she’s soon making her own decisions, which are coloured by what she’s seen him do in the past. Clara is the one to suggest lying to them, not the Doctor. He seems rather surprised at the suggestion coming from her. Remember Clara used to have a problem with his lying until she realised in Mummy that sometimes that’s necessary to save people. What matters is the goal now, not the way. The ends justify the means. Clara didn’t use to think that way. She does now.
  • The 2DIS. That was adorable.
  • Clara saving the Doctor by suggesting he move the TARDIS literally by hand.
  • Clara’s face when she didn’t know whether the Doctor had made it or not.
  • Clara stopping the train and saving the driver’s life.
  • Clara jumping on the moving train to save Rigsy. But the way she did it was cool. Very leader-y. Again, very Doctor. There was no emotion behind it, just cold calculation and logic, which is effective and something a leader has to do.
  • "What would you do now? … No. What will I do now?" Cue brilliant solution to save them all.
  • "You made a mighty fine Doctor."
  • The Doctor’s speech. Every Doctor needs a speech. This one was kinda heartbreaking because he really tried. He tried so hard to believe they meant no harm, that they were misunderstood and that this could be resolved peacefully. He didn’t like throwing them back into their dimension (and effectively killing a lot of them), but he had to do it. Because sometimes the only choices you have are bad ones, but you still have to choose. “The man that stops the monsters.” A part he has to play. Whatever the cost.
  • The smile Clara gives him after he banishes the Boneless from this world.
  • People thanking Clara for saving their lives.
  • "You look chipper. […] You okay?" - "I’m alive." - "A lot of people died."
  • "On balance. That’s how you think isn’t it?" - "Largely so other people don’t have to."
  • "I was you today, I was the Doctor."
  • "Admit it, I did well." Insisting he tell her he did good.
  • Clara lies about it not being Danny calling her and ignores his call. Remember she picked up when she was in mortal danger? She could talk to him then, but she can’t do it when she’s trying to get the Doctor to praise her.
  • "You were an exceptional Doctor, Clara. Goodness had nothing to do with it."
  • Missy is creepy.

Clara as the Doctor (see quotes above):

Clara has grown increasingly independent and important throughout this season, and there have been several hints at her slowly turning into the Doctor before. This was basically just the final blow and confirmation of that. Let’s talk about that last quote though

"You were an exceptional Doctor, Clara. Goodness had nothing to do with it."

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Well put, all of it!

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You were an exceptional Doctor, Clara...

The realization of what the Doctor does is finally sinking in.

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On the Importance of Tears



I’ve seen a lot of post expressing exasperation about or mocking Clara for crying. But the undeniable fact is, she’s always had genuinely devastating reasons to do so. Circumstances of incredible stress, occasions of grievous loss, moments of betrayal. It bothers me that people would take…

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Twelve & Clara: Something There from Beauty and the Beast

inspired by (x)

Adorable and perfect!

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Keep away from the walls!

"Fascinating!" It’s amusing to see the Doctor’s enthusiasm over the danger Clara is in!